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Thursday, 8 June 2017

How To Make Wedding Cake Boxes?

The wedding is considered as the most beautiful tie between two persons. It is a day when two individuals commit their whole lives to stay with each another and they announce their tie to the whole world. They share their happiness with their friends, family and loved ones by arranging reception dinner where all of them gather to be part of their happiness.

The most enchanting part of this wedding reception ceremony is the luxurious cake kept on the front stage with lots of frosting and decoration with color themes of the reception. This cake is an eye catcher as well as it is believed that they bring happiness and prosperity to the young couple.

Wedding cakes come in different shapes and sizes with a variety of flavors. They are specially designed with giving an extra mile to each and every detail by the famous bakery chefs and artists. They use various tools to design the cake that reflects the personality of the couple. In western society, nowadays, cake making and designing have become an important part of modern culture.
The decoration and packaging of the cake are as important as its taste.

 For packaging the cake there are the variety of boxes available which you can select according to the shape and size of your cake. They are made from kraft paper which is responsible for taking care of it throughout. Wedding boxes usually have a cut window which is to see the look of the cake from outside.

Let us learn how to make a wedding cake box for delivery purpose.

Things You Will Need:

  • 2 large cardboard boxes
  • Packaging tape
  • Razor/Cutter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers


1. Seal the top of the cardboard with tape. Fold and seal the other side too. Tape it up from the fold sides.
2. Measure three inches inside from the edge and mark it. With the use of ruler make lines from all sides. The line should be straight and stern.
3. Cut out the cardboard following the lines of all 4 sides. This is how you will get a base of your cake.
4. Cut pieces from the second box and place them inside the base leaving 2 inches outside from the edge. Paste the pieces on all four sides creating an inner layer.
5. Now for the cake, secure the base of the cake with extra layers of tape to avoid opening.
6. Place the cake on the top of the base. You can include dry ice to make the cake stay chilled.
7. Now place the bigger box on top and add instruction from which side to open.
8. You can add on names of recipients with date day and other details about the wedding. Don’t forget to add the address and number to which it needs to be delivered.

Decoration and Finishing:

A decoration of the box can be done by adding on graphics and printouts of your favorite design. You can also use templates to stick on the box. There is already a window cut on the box to show the design of the cake from outside. Adding details in the most creative way is an add on to the box. Adding side notes wishing the couple best days ahead is a personalized step that you can take.

You can tie ribbons also to give it an elegant look. To work on the functionality of the cake boxes, you can add on a handle on the top to protect the cake while handling. If you are looking for cake boxes in different styles you can visit The Custom Boxes and Get Your cake boxes with handles In vast Variety

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